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Cambra builds can be found in Hot-Rod, Chevy Performance, and Truckin magazines. In the mean time, check this out! Just press play, turn it down if you are at work, if not, crank it up.


 I'm always a student," says Ron Cambra.  "I eat, sleep, and breathe my profession and want to provide my customers with the best that I can offer.


Be sure to check out Cambra's Speed Shop on your smart phone. Open your Smart Phone browser, then enter cambraspeedshop.com, then press go.



Cambra Speed Shop.com

Open most days about 7 or 8 Occasionally as early as 6 am

But some days as late as 8 or 9

We close about 5:30 or 6 pm

Occasionally about 6 or 7 pm

But sometimes as late as 11 or 12 pm Some days like Sundays we are not here at all, lately I've been here all the time., except when I'm somewhere else, but I should be here when you get here,  just drop by and someone should be there.


Speed Shop



From minor repairs to complete one off custom fabrications , our team of experienced fabricator's are ready to serve your needs. Trust us as your experts in  fabrication

Want a Blower, Big Block, Small Block or a HEMI in your ride? Cambra's Speed Shop can shoe horn one in your ride. As they say injection is nice but I'd rather be......


Looking for a builder you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest team in the area. Just ask any car guy in Orange California.